Monday, 15 October 2007

Teamed up with Elly

I have teamed up with Elly and her character that she has created, Tinka. Me and Elly are trying to think of different scenarios for our 2 characters.

Here are some of my ideas, so far..
I will try to add some drawings later on today

Un-tied Shoelaces

Because Tinka is quite a tall character, Oscar can try to fly to Tinka. To tell her something really simple… like her shoe laces are untied. The amount of effort for Oscar to get to the height of Tinka is a struggle. After a lot of attempts he manages to get to her height. Tells her the problem (untied shoes) and she then has the task/effort to tie them up.

Problems with height
(3 Different Scenarios)

Act 1: Cinema (could annoy people because of the height)
Act 2: Shopping/Shelves (Oscar can’t reach anything which is too tall)
Act 3: Theme Parks (The way they use height restrictions)

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elly bouman said...

Hey Simon,

My msn messeger is most of the time crashing :S

I've read your ideas and there cool. I hope you checked my blog and ideas. Tomorrow I try again on msn.